Fillmore Turk Mini Park

Through a community driven design process TS Studio developed a park design based on needs of the existing users of the Fillmore Turk Mini-Park in San Francisco. The re-design proposes a permeable plaza and rain garden to alleviate site drainage problems and to recharge the groundwater at the bottom of San Francisco’s watershed.  The renovated public space strenthens the social fabric of the community through performance, events, and scaled public spaces that allow for diversity of community gathering niches.   TS studio facilitated community engagement and consensus building through a series of extensive on-site and neighborhood outreach events that engaged park users over time.  In 2016 Fillmore Turk Mini Park was one of the winners of the SF Recreation and Parks Community Opportunity Fund grant with construction to start in 2018. 

12,000 sq ft
Friends of the Fillmore Mini Park / SFRPD
San Francisco, CA