Irvington Supportive Senior Housing

Located at the intersection of Fremont Boulevard & Irvington Avenue, Irvington Senior Housing is a 4-story podium Supportive housing development with 92 units in Fremont California. The streetscape is activated with “pop-up”- like retail space, leased to enterprise business or operated in an ad-hoc way by residents living in the development. Extending out from the community room and shaded by a grove of trees, a rectangular south-facing previous courtyard creates a calming and comfortable space for residents for seating, gaming, chatting, smoking (designated area), and gardening. A stormwater management system (Silva Cells) is designed under the paving to not only optimize the infrastructure cost but also to provide adequate un-compacted soil volume for long term health of the trees. A carefully integrated wood deck & sound wall preserves the valuable neighboring mature trees while providing additional seating.  A community garden nestles into two sculpted landforms with native flowers provides a lush backdrop for the courtyard against the parking lot that encourages casual interaction and socialization within the community.

1 Acres
HCLA / Adobe
Fremont California