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Mr. Yang believes in design as the critical connection between culture and environment, a narrative reflecting one’s place in time while expressing an attitude towards the future. With over thirteen years of professional experience, Yang seeks innovation through an integrated design process - one that facilitates the imagination and transcends perceived constraints. His work focuses on investigating unexplored opportunities on a wide range of project types and scales within the U.S. and Internationally. Yang's experience includes several major master planning and urban waterfront projects in the United States, Middle East and China including the San Diego Downtown Waterfront Park, the St. Louis Arch Riverfront Park Competition, Presidio Parkway in San Francisco as well as the Haihe Riverfront Concept Design & Haihe Ribbon Park in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin. He has also worked on various multi-use projects including Foundry Square in San Francisco and City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Mr. Yang received his Master's in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and his Bachelor in Architecture from Chung Yuan Christian University. He has participated in numerous designs and teaching related activities and exhibitions locally and internationally, maintains an expertise in Design and Fabrication Technologies and was a celebrated Co-Winner of the Rising Tide International Competition in San Francisco. Lecture, “Urban / Park” Dept. Urban Design, UC Berkeley, 2015 Lecture, “Storm Water Design & Creativity” ASLA - NCC, San Francisco, CA, Feb 2015. Lecture, “International Practice” Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, Nov 2014. Lecture, “Water Stories” Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2014.

Reference Projects:
San Francisco, CA - Topographical Shifts at the Urban Waterfront
San Francisco, CA - Foundry Square, Building 3
San Francisco, CA - Doyle Drive(Persidio Parkway) Competition
San Diego, CA - San Diego Downtown Waterfront Park
Salt Lake City, UT - City Creek Center
St. Louis, MO - St Louis Arch Competition
Tianjin Binhai New Area, China - Haihe Riverfront Master Plan
Tianjin Binhai New Area, China - Haihe Ribbon Park
Tianjin Binhai New Area, China - Haihe Ribbon Park - Water Park
Tianjin Binhai New Area, China - Haihe Ribbon Park - Botanical Garden & Forest
Tianjin Binhai New Area, China - Haihe Ribbon Park - Forest Hill & Seasonal Wetland
Tianjin Binhai New Area, China - Haihe Ribbon Park - Furnishing System
Shenzhen, China - Shekou Taizi Wan Master Plan
Zhuhai, China - Zhuhai Hengshan Island Master Plan
Chongqing, China - Chongqing Jiangbei City
PyeongChang, Gangwon, Korea - 2018 Winter Olympics Nordic Events Venues
Pipavav, India - Port of Pipavav Master Plan

Foundry Square, Building 3

The Foundry Square project consists of four buildings set on four corners of the site in the heart of the South of Market District with convenient access to transit, the central business district, and the waterfront. Generously landscaped public plazas combine with the street to form an urban square. The urban design configuration of open space identity integrates network of open spaces within the building complexes featuring plazas and gardens relating to widened sidewalk areas along Howard and First Streets. The 8th floor roof garden features a set of raised folded planters that recall the horizontal undulating quality of the roofscape of the Foundry Square project in contrast to the vertical SF skyline beyond. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for SWA Group

San Francisco, CA
Doyle Drive(Persidio Parkway) Competition

The historic south access road to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, known as Doyle Drive or Route 101, has been re-envisioned as the Presidio Parkway - a roadway tucked into the natural contours of the Presidio of San Francisco and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, one of the nation's largest urban parks. The Presidio Parkway will create a spectacular regional gateway between the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco. The project team strived to create a roadway that reduces impacts to biological, cultural and natural resources; respects the project setting within a national park, the National Historic Landmark District and surrounding neighborhoods; meets community needs; and provides a safer roadway. Wright Yang - Project Designer for Hargreaves Associates

San Francisco, CA
San Diego Downtown Waterfront Park

The San Diego CAC Waterfront Park and garage transformed acres of surface parking surrounding the landmark County Administration Center into downtown San Diego’s signature waterfront park. The park celebrates the iconic Administration Center at its heart, with the north/south axis of the building extended across the site as the Promenade and Civic Fountain, a grand gesture of cascading water linking the open expanse of the Civic Green along the waterfront, to the more intimate garden rooms along the park’s interior edge. The 17-acre park has become a wildly popular regional destination and downtown event venue since its opening in 2014. East of the Promenade are smaller-scale garden rooms, designed as passive horticultural gardens in the north, and an active Family Area in the south. The 2.5 acre horticultural garden consists with Grass Garden, Mediterranean Garden, and Diversity (sub tropical) Garden represent the extraordinary breadth of plant materials that thrive in California’s mild coastal climate. Gardens and paths create a bold figure-ground pattern with seating and gathering spaces formed by the irregular confluences of paths. The Family Area in the south includes multiple play structures, picnic tables, bocce, and a play hill with a large slide, set within an informal grove of flowering trees. Wright Yang - Project Designer for Promenade, Planting Design, & 2.5-ACRE Horticultural Garden for Hargreaves Associates

San Diego, CA
City Creek Center

In downtown Salt Lake City directly across from the Mormon Temple, the project takes its inspiration from City Creek which once traversed the site to recreate the stream-like waterway, the largest flowing watercourse built on-structure in the US, provides a pedestrian-oriented green space throughout the largest mixed-use urban project built in the US in recent years. Water bubbles up, as if from a spring and surrounded by riparian species and meanders its way until it falls in a grand cascade down to the retail level below and weaves its way through the retail space in a series of pools, rivulets, and fish ponds. Before the creek ultimately makes a bend to the south towards a second waterfall, the water express in various forms to celebrate the concept of urban living in the oval court, with pocket parks, roof gardens, and landscape connections throughout the two blocks. Wright Yang - Designer for the three main water features & digital fabrication for SWA Group

Salt Lake City, UT
St Louis Arch Competition

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis is the site of a modern icon—the Gateway Arch—and a historic 91-acre Dan Kiley landscape. But the site is throttled on all sides by a maze of infrastructure, turning it into an island that divides downtown St. Louis from the Mississippi River. The City + The Arch + The River international design competition solicited proposals from five finalists, with the stated goals of reconnecting the city to its waterfront, laying the groundwork for regional revitalization, and expanding the park across the river into Illinois. The Design team, SOM + Hargreaves + BIG, call for a series of design intervention to reinvigorate the connection to the Arch, the City, and the River while honor the character defining elements of the National Historic Landmark. Wright Yang - Project Designer for Hargreaves Associates.

St. Louis, MO
Haihe Riverfront Master Plan

As part of the Bohai Economic Rim, Conceptual Landscape Plan and Schematic Design for the the riverfronts that surround the Tianjin Binhai New Area located in Tanggu. The overall planning area fronts both sides of the 10KM long Haihe River as it gracefully bends around the new Central Business District on the Yujiapu peninsula before it connects to the Bohai Sea. This ten kilometer stretch of open space is coordinated with the Master Planning vision led by SOM and aims to reinforce the adjacent land uses, transportation patterns, infrastructure, culturally significant sites and natural ecologies. Site specific open space programs, landscape typologies and key features of the plan are woven into a larger system of upper and lower riverfront promenades. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for Hargreaves Associates.

Tianjin Binhai New Area, China
Haihe Ribbon Park

The Ribbon Park is a world-class waterfront park for the XiongLuoWan mixed use development district, which is located on the Haihe River across from the emerging Yujiapu Financial District in the heart of the Tanggu District in Tianjin. As a signature open space in the larger Tianjin Binhai New Area, the 30 hectare park offers a variety of active and passive destinations for workers, residents and visitors to the adjacent land uses. These include such amenities as riverfront boardwalks, plazas and promenades, natural forests, riparian wetlands and botanical gardens and supporting restaurants, cafes and water taxi and ferry stops. The overall organization of the park establishes strong connections between the future urban land uses and circulation systems of the city and the river while celebrating its cultural and historic importance. Regional plantings strategies, water conservation and other sustainability features within the park and along the river edge assist in revitalizing and fortifying the natural ecological systems for generations to come. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for Hargreaves Associates.

Tianjin Binhai New Area, China
Haihe Ribbon Park - Water Park

Active programs along the riverfront include a restaurant café, themed ornamental gardens, orchard grove, an urban water plaza, a marina, and, in modified alternative, a river basin with paddle boat rental and water gardens surrounded by a pier boardwalk. Marina and Ferry Stop will contribute to the variety of experiences and provide amenities to the cities and boaters. River tours and special Ecology Island water craft will give tourists, students and sightseers an exciting and valuable experience to better understand and remember Tanggu and its relationship to the Haihe River. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for Hargreaves Associates.

Tianjin Binhai New Area, China
Haihe Ribbon Park - Botanical Garden & Forest

The Botanical Gardens & Forest zone connects to urban financial district, signature tower, and tourist area of hotels and retail mall to the north. Also a series of botanically themed nature paths weave through thicker forests and topographic features as the Ribbon Park runs under the Bridge. Programs in this area are more passive and include seating areas, nature trails and river overlooks. The didactic display of the indigenous and adaptive plantings are in concern with the concepts of topography, hydrology and soil conditions of the project. The layout of the topography slows down the runoff and increase the infiltration at the same time. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for Hargreaves Associates.

Tianjin Binhai New Area, China
Haihe Ribbon Park - Forest Hill & Seasonal Wetland

A series of landscape typologies forms the narrative of regional ecology from upland to lowland ,from the city towards the river- upland forest hills with mixed-forest to promote bio-diversity and mono-culture forest to highlight the seasonal seasonal qualities such as color, form, structure and foliage so that the riverfront is beautiful and provocative all year round. Forest Hills open up to river meadows filled with ornate ornamental trees, meadow grasses and wild flowers. The added topography creates slopes that provide overlooks from the higher ground and a series of valley pathways with drainage swales that lead down to the riparian banks of the river. Passive activities include nature trails through forested hill sides, lowland wildflower meadows and riparian habitats as well as seating and picnicking areas that overlook the wetlands and river environments. This restoration of the historic delta ecology of the Haihe River incorporates the wetland marshes, seasonal flooding forests and riparian islands once common along the river banks. This area will offer a tranquil natural environment only blocks away from the adjacent commercial and residential areas and will be a beautiful view from the urban promenade and office towers of Yujiapu. Along the natural portions of the river’s edge, develop salt-tolerant wetland and riparian ecology that can both assist in creating a healthy water system and minor flooding of the river. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for Hargreaves Associates.

Tianjin Binhai New Area, China
Haihe Ribbon Park - Furnishing System

Lighting will play an important role in the identity for the project both in the visual effects of manner in which light is incorporated as well as the aesthetic character and types of the fixtures. The strategies of the lighting design will closely follow and reinforce the organization and circulation patterns of the riverfront park. The upper promenade will incorporate more traditional fixtures, arranged in a consistent, repetitive manner to reinforce its linear quality and aim to unify the identity of it as the urban edge of the riverfront park, on both sides. The lower promenade, in slight contrast with the upper, will offer a variety of more contemporary and custom elements that will be more site specific and enhance the overall objective of each pedestrian environment along the riverfront. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for Hargreaves Associates.

Tianjin Binhai New Area, China
Shekou Taizi Wan Master Plan

Situated at the tip of Nantou Peninsula, Prince Bay occupies a pivotal place in the Pearl River Delta. Dananshan, rising to heights over 300 m, dominates views to the north. Prince Bay faces Shenzhen Bay to the south, with expansive views over the waters to Hong Kong. Inspired by the local nature, the proposed open space form the Lifelines – green ecological corridors – weave through Prince Bay, once again connecting the mountains to the water. It will help to manage the storm water and cleans the runoff, clean the air and provide a rich and healthy outdoor environment for improved public health, well-being and happiness. Prince Bay is envisioned as an ideal live/work community. The project offers a different quality of living than is available in either Hong Kong or Shenzhen. Compact development; mixed use; fine-grain, active streets; walkable blocks; connection to heritage; and response to local climate are all incorporated into the community’s design. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for Hargreaves Associates.

Shenzhen, China
Zhuhai Hengshan Island Master Plan

The open space and landscape context of the Zhuhai Hanye Hengshen Development Project is influenced by several powerful forces that have long defined the character of the larger Pearl River Delta. The site is formed by a bold landscape of the existing forested, rocky hill and the new reclaimed land along the waterfront. Across the water to downtown Zhuhai there is a healthy collection of commercial, residential and institutional development areas that provide a new level of program uses and activities. The lush streetscapes and park system provide cooling shade in the hot and humid months and the waterfront promenade and beach reinforce the traditional connection of the culture to the river and the sea. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for Hargreaves Associates.

Zhuhai, China
Chongqing Jiangbei City

The Jiangbei City Landscape Design is a unique opportunity to synthesize three recurrent landscape themes of the greater Chongqing region; Rivers, Topography, and Vegetation. Landscape plays a key role both in the creation and centering of place at the Jiangbei City project. Landscape is the conduit between buildings and site programs which are woven together through horizontal views of water, vertical circulation expressed in the form of topography, and the natural environment expressed through vegetation. The buildings are thoughtfully merged into the hillside, allowing an expression of architectural ridges which merge with the natural contours of the site plan. Topography is expressed throughout the project and expressed in the form of stairs, walls and slopes. Vegetation will pick up the native, mature forest of Chongqing and spill down to the Plaza’s where large, mature trees will focus on peacemaking and suggest a pre-existing condition of the site, and allowing broader, regional expression of the site in relationship to its larger context. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for SWA Group

Chongqing, China
2018 Winter Olympics Nordic Events Venues

Master planned for PyeongChang’s bid for the 2014Winter Olympics and subsequently built by government in 2007-2009, the Alpensia Sports Park will be the heart of the 2018 Winter Olympics. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will take place in the Ski Jump Stadium and the Ski Jumping, Cross Country, Biathlon and Nordic Combined events will occur in the respective stadia and courses within Alpensia Sports Park. Other built facilities include three practice ski jumps and a recreational ski area. In summer, the stadium is used as sports fields and courts and the ski courses become an 18-hole golf course. Wright Yang - Designer for SWA Group

PyeongChang, Gangwon, Korea
Port of Pipavav Master Plan

The 456 hectare site is located on the coast of the Indian State of Gujarat, approximately 115 kilometers southwest of Bhavnager. Two major watersheds that flank either side of the port: the Devrapura Creek to the west and Motapat Creek to the east. The Master Plan outlines the development of the port & proposed supporting township while create the waterways and open space system that allows the expansion of the existing mangrove ecology. Wright Yang - Project Manager / Designer for SWA Group

Pipavav, India