Based on the Market and Octavia Area Plan, Parcel U is an affordable housing project aimed to create a more walkable urban environment that is critical along Octavia St. where cars dominate the area.  Forming a more cohesive friendly scale will help bridge the gap between the active friendly pedestrian vibe of Hayes valley and the car-dominated nature of Market Street and adjacent highway. On the street level, the streetscape creates a safer pedestrian-scaled environment through the use of planting and site furniture that naturally extends the street into a micro park, with flush paving that provides ease of access and flexibility for child care drop-off.  On the roof terrace, the required flow-through planter is integrated into a single large sloped planter with native garden, ADA accessible community garden, benches, and sloped overlook.  It creates a seamless extension between the architecture of the community room and the exterior, forming an attractive area to strengthen the social fabric of the community.  The landscape creates a comfortable area of respite, with protection from the wind while taking full advantage of the topographical cityscape at near and far.


ARCHITECT: Paulett Taggart Architects

TYPOLOGY: Transitional Housing | Roof Garden | Streetscape

SIZE: 10,000 SF

LOCATION: San Francisco, California