Located in downtown within the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, 78 Haight Street is an 8-story mixed-use affordable housing project.   The development is located on the former site of the central freeway, which was torn down after damage from the Loma Prieta Earthquake.   Located on car dominated Octavia Blvd the design of the street takes an approach of unification to strengthen the pedestrian way, through material and scale.  Within the site furniture zone, seating and permeable paving form a micro park. Underneath the pavement the soil zone is continuous allowing for optimal tree health within a high traffic pedestrian environment.

On the roof the exterior garden connects to the community room of the architecture.  The garden design combines native plants, bio-retention for stormwater, a community garden and lounge seating for residents.  The sloped planter design celebrates the topography of San Francisco, with views extending out in all directions towards the hills of San Francisco.


ARCHITECT: Paulett Taggart Architects

TYPOLOGY: Transitional Housing | Roof Garden | Streetscape

SIZE: 10,000 SF

LOCATION: San Francisco, California