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Our studio thrives on diverse, complex urban projects that connect us to place and promote positive change at any scale.  Our principals are engaged at all steps in the process fostering a sense of collaboration, craftmanship, and visioning.  




J. Lee Stickles is the founder of TS Studio. Stickles, an urban designer and landscape architect with 23 years of professional experience, has managed the design and construction of numerous local and international projects. Her work ranges from parks and public waterfronts, to affordable housing and mixed-use developments.   Stickles' work focuses on the intersection of research and design, believing that knowledge of our existing environment inspires thoughtful design solutions that can be absorbed and reflected by our local culture. She believes that communication and a shared vision with clients and the design team is fundamental to a project’s success. 

J Lee received her bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture from Penn State University, and her master's degree in Urban Design from Harvard University.


Mr. Yang believes in design as the critical connection between culture and environment, a narrative reflecting one’s place in time while expressing an attitude towards the future. With over twenty years of professional experience, Yang seeks innovation through an integrated design process - one that facilitates the imagination and transcends perceived constraints. His work focuses on investigating unexplored opportunities on a wide range of project types and scales within the U.S. and Internationally.    

Wright received his bachelor's degree in Architecture and a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

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