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TS studio is a landscape architecture firm based in San Francisco.   Our design is process and research based, with an emphasis on refinement of craft and transforming concepts into memorable spaces that reconnect us to our environment and the natural world.

We believe in good design for all and public landscapes that foster equity, inclusivity, and connectivity.   We are inspired by designs that re-connect us to the earth, that integrate the ecological and culture systems unique to each place.  We believe in designs that uphold the values of the communities that live, play and work in them.  Our designs envision a better world and provide a framework for resiliency and adaptability.  




We work with public, non-profit and private clients providing Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Strategic Planning Services.  Projects include on-going collaboration with other professionals including architects, artists, engineers, hydrologists, scientists, and ecologists.



We are a Landscape Architecture design firm with full services, from concept through construction observation.   Collaborating with public and private clients, we specialize in parks, plazas, waterfronts, mixed-use and affordable housing projects.   



We provide urban design services focused specifically on research and design based systems that foster resiliency and connection through landscape and ecology.   Our projects envision ecological systems as a tool for strengthening our connection to the earth and our communities.   


Services include:

Re-forestation planning

Creek Day-lighting

Ecological and resiliency planning

Environmental Mapping

Water Conservation Strategies

Stormwater Management Strategies

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