Alamo Square Park is a vital green infrastructure system for a growing population of urban residents. The existing tree canopy is nearing the end of its urban life cycle, as over 60% of park trees were at ‘high risk’ and not suitable for preservation. Over a five-year (2010-2015) period the park lost 60 trees - ~ 25% of its canopy – as drought weakened trees have been torn down in storms and high risk trees have died. This proposed vision plan proposes a phased, resilient tree canopy for the future of the park. Design principals include protecting the existing tree canopy, increasing forest diversity, conserving water, creating wind protection and attracting native habitat. Existing views within the park will be preserved and balanced with a reforestation plan. Park plan will double the quantity of trees in the park and will increase the existing park canopy by at least 50%. Park fundraising is being driven by the residents and community of Alamo Square Park, headed by the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association.

CLIENT: San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

COMMUNITY GROUP: ASNA | Alamo Square Neighborhood Association

TYPOLOGY: Re-forestation | Public Park | Intervention

SIZE: 13.5 Acres

LOCATION: San Francisco, California