Located within the 2.9 sq. miles of urbanized Cordonices Creek watershed, Albany Retail is a proposed development located along San Pablo Avenue adjacent to Village Creek. Public landscape consist of a multi-use native upland creek trail, streetscape, urban plaza and linear park. Upland creek riparian garden and a network of bio-retention areas treat run off prior to connecting to Village Creek and the San Francisco Bay. Stormwater management addresses issues of both flood control and pollution abatement. The proposed project confirms to Bay Area Basics and Albany’s clean water programs. Native plants are selected from the Mixed Evergreen Forest and Coastal Sage scrub, indicative of the local habitat of the San Francisco Bay.

CLIENT: Oppidan

ARCHITECT: Lowney Architecture

TYPOLOGY: Retail | Linear Park | Creek | Bicycle Infrastructure

SIZE: 4 Acre

LOCATION: Albany, California