Framed by Coyote Creek, Lower Penitencia Creek and BART, the Berryessa BART Urban Village presents a unique opportunity for urban transformation within the City of San José. Covering 270 acres, this is not only the largest urban village in the City but is also the location of the City’s first BART station and an area with large opportunity redevelopment sites, such as the Flea Market. These factors create a significant opportunity for fulfilling the vision of the Envision San José 2040 General Plan by creating compact and sustainable urban clusters within the City. 
The urban village is the current home of the San José Flea Market, residential developments, and a few commercial plazas. The Berryessa/North San José BART station opened in 2020 and a new commercial center that has received planning approvals.   The urban village is bounded by residential development to the north and east, and industrial lands to the west, while the land immediately to the south is mixed industrial lands with residential uses.

CLIENT: City of San Jose


TYPOLOGY: Landscape - Urban Design

SIZE: 270 Acre

LOCATION: San Jose, California