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Chesapeake Commons, located in Sunnyvale CA, transforms the exterior landscape of an existing R & D facility into an adaptable ecology system. Located adjacent to the San Francisco Bay, the unique microclimate of the site varies with seasonal weather patterns - ranging from heavy winds, period of drought and rain, high water tables and saturated clay soils. Sun angles vary throughout the site during different times of the year, ranging from full sun to full shade due to existing building and mature trees. TS Studio explored the idea of unifying a series of fragmented courtyards through a highly adaptable ecology system. This fern forest is composed of 85% native species. Species were chosen to be highly compatible and adaptable to various microclimate changes, tolerant of various degrees of sun exposure, soil types, water use, and maintenance. 

CLIENT: Divco West


SIZE: 1 Acre

LOCATION: Sunnyvale, California

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