Located in the flood plain of the Russian River as it descends into in the Alexander Valley, the Cloverdale Public Safety Facility sits on the west side of the River and the US101 Highway in Sonoma County. The landscape consists of a series of landforms carefully integrated into the plaza facing the South Cloverdale Boulevard on the southern tip of downtown. The curvilinear space between the landform evokes the regional characteristic of the valley and local geology, while allowing visual porosity as well as shaded south/southwest facing seating opportunities in-between.  The local central Oak Woodland ecology encompass the planting strategy on the eastern and northern slopes of the landforms.  The shaded plaza - park serves as the modern democratic extension of the interior public community hall while celebrating an integral connection to the sense of place and local landscape.

CLIENT: City of Cloverdale

ARCHITECT: RossDrulisCusenbery Architecture

TYPOLOGY: Police Facility | Civil Space

SIZE: 1.4 Acres

LOCATION: Cloverdale, California