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Located at the intersection of Market and Castro Street is the gateway to the Castro neighborhood, where people are coming from all directions to access the plaza and neighborhood. Our project celebrates the life and legacy of Harvey Milk by forming an accessible inclusive plaza that provides a tribute to an inspirational leader and his message of HOPE.  Inspired by candlelight vigil, the slanted corten wall of Hope with LED light welcomes the visitors from the subterranean MUNI station and rise up to the street level as uplifting spirit of Milk. A gallery exhibits Harvey’s legacy open to the skylight through glass roof and connects with the tower of Hope that serves the backdrop for the digital soapbox.  The street-level plaza creates outdoor-museum like walk that not only maintains the efficiency of the existing transit connections but also highlights a memorial wall for human and civil rights activist throughout the world. 

PROJECT: Harvey Milk Memorial Plaza International Design Competition

COMPETITION SPONSOR: Friends of Harvey Milk

SIZE: 15000 SF

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