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As part of the Emergency Housing Program of the City of Fresno, Plaza Terrace is the first project to take advantage of the recent “No Place Like Home” state funding for housing for the formerly homeless in 2019.  Along with the updated architectural facade and interior, two updated courtyards provide vital outdoor living, gathering, and resting areas for the small housing units (750 sqft/one bedroom) within the community.  The west courtyard extends from the community room and is furnished with a built-in grill, sculpted benches, and community table to fully take advantage of the afternoon sun while providing ample shaded area.   In addition, the east courtyard, with a single sculpted bench and loose seating cubes in the previous gravel area, is able to create a tranquil environment for reading and reflecting under the dappled shade of the green canopy. These two gardens bring the stability and quality of life even perhaps in the most uncertain stage of the life journey of residents.

CLIENT: City of Fresno, Affordable Housing Renovation

ARCHITECT:  Anne Philips Architecture

TYPOLOGY: Supportive Housing

SIZE: 1 Acre

STATUS: Construction

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