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Seattle’s 520 - the longest floating bridge in the world is the result of a very deep lake. Utilizing the existing structure to create a bio-diverse habitat in the middle of a deep lake will serve as a prototype for restoring shoreline ecology of Lake Washington. The existing 72 mile edge along Lake Washington is constantly interrupted by a variety of development including retaining walls, docks, concrete and rip rap edges, with little native habitat and large expansive lawns. Most of this existing shoreline does little to sustain a diverse ecosystem along the water's edge. Our proposal seeks to create a floating littoral zone habitat through the deepest part of Lake Washington by utilizing the existing floating pontoons. As 520 floating bridge is currently part of the Salmon Migration Route, our project aims at recognizing the importance of creating a safer trip home for everyone. ‘Diversity in the depths’, moves from the depth of the lake bed floor to the edge of the riparian zone, illustrating that the health of what is below the water is ultimately connected not only to our own health, but the health of the entire ecosystem. 


SIZE: 500,000 sf

LOCATION: Seattle, Washington

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