Located in San Francisco, California. Transbay Block 8 includes a 550’ mixed use residential tower designed by OMA Architects and podium level mixed use building design by Fougeron Architects. TS Studio is currently commissioned for the design of two roof gardens at Transbay Block 8. The gardens include a sculpted California native garden, connected to the interior pool deck and tower amenity bar, as an extension of the urban high rise lifestyle. A sculpted wood bench within a stone courtyard provide views to the twin peaks and the San Francisco Bay. Design includes amenity BBQ coves that are enveloped in a 100% California drought tolerant garden that offers wind protection and water conservation to an active and high use amenity area for residents.

CLIENT: Related Development

ARCHITECT: OMA | HKS | Fugeron | YA Studio 

TYPOLOGY: Residential Roof Garden | Community Garden

SIZE: 1.5 Acres

LOCATION: San Francisco, California