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Walk this Way, International Competition Finalist - Located in Oakland, California the 200ft wide I-880 overpass is a critical infrastructure of the region but unfortunately is a physical and mental barrier between the downtown Oakland and its waterfront.  Our proposed urban intervention of light canopies through the Broadway and Webster Street underpass transform the unsafe and unpleasant darkness to vibrant and iconic portal connections between downtown and the waterfront.  The light canopies establish the utility infrastructure and the framework for multi-use programs that extend from day to night, from passive to active, from weekly to monthly.  The informative animated light visualizes the pulse of the urban environment from air quality, to transit and site activity.  The framework is inherently flexible and adaptable to not only provide the weather protected open space but also strengthen the vital connection between Oakland’s downtown and Jack London District and Waterfront.

CLIENT: City of Oakland

TEAM LEAD: TS studio

TYPOLOGY: Competition | Urban Design | Intervention

SIZE: 6.5 Acres

LOCATION: Oakland, California

COMPETITION: Winner - Finalist Runner Up 

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