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On the north side of the 6-story 100% affordable housing project, Yosemite Apartments Garden transforms the underutilized terrace backyard into a sensory shade garden with native and climate adapted ferns, vines, and small trees. The mixed planting and circulation work together seamlessly to enhance the visual interest and provide layered privacy for both the garden and first floor units.  A gentle sloped walkway leads residents through the garden to the gathering area at the higher elevation adjacent to an existing mature 50ft tall avocado tree.  Sculpted design elements with warm materials provide functional storage, a retaining wall, and integrated seating oppor-tunities.   At the main community wood terrace a vine wall frames the space forming an area of respite; a relaxing and meditative gath-ering space within buzzing downtown San Francisco.

PROJECT: Yosemite Apartments


ARCHITECT:  Paulett Taggart Architects

TYPOLOGY: Affordable Housing

SIZE: 2000 SF

STATUS: Construction Documents

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